Student of the Month

Ole Miss School of Education

Michele Prince, Educational Leadership

by UM School of Education on November 30, 2016

dec-sotmA Batesville native, Michele Prince is a full-time teacher and part-time graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in educational leadership. Her passion for students and dedication to learning exemplifies what it means to be an educational leader. With a recent crisis management experience under her belt, Prince has proven herself to be a an effective leader in and outside of the classroom. We recently sat down with Prince to talk about her aspirations and reflect on her time at the SOE.

Crisis management experience

I work at Crenshaw Elementary, which is a very rural school that is almost 25 minutes from the smallest town. So I was driving to work, and I looked up and see lights everywhere [Read More…]

James Strickland, Counselor Education

by UM School of Education on October 18, 2016

stricklandsotmSOE Student of the Month James Strickland is a doctoral student working toward a Ph.D. in counselor education with a certification in play therapy. When the Brandon, Mississippi, native is not busy writing his dissertation, he’s working with clients at the UM Clinic for Outreach and Personal Enrichment. Strickland recently took some time to sit down with us to discuss his current and past experiences at UM. [Read More…]

Shevanti Retnam, METP

by UM School of Education on July 29, 2016

shevantisotmAn Oxford native, Shevanti Retnam is an undergraduate student majoring in English Education and a member of the third cohort of the Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program (METP). Through METP, Retnam enjoys getting to know her fellow cohort members and is gaining classroom experience through UM’s teacher education program. We recently sat down with Retnam to talk about her aspirations and her experiences at the SOE. [Read More…]

Anna Feather, School Counseling

by UM School of Education on June 14, 2016

Anna sotmSaltillo native Anna Feather is a graduate student studying school counseling at the UM School of Education. When she isn’t spending time with her biological family, she’s spending her days with her adopted family— her M.Ed. cohort.

Feather earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UM with the intention of becoming a registered play therapist. She has since veered from that path toward professional school counseling [Read More…]

Lindsey Leggett, Elementary Education

by UM School of Education on April 27, 2016

leggett sotmAn elementary education major and Grenada native, Lindsey Leggett, would love to give back to the Mississippi community that has given her so much through education. Leggett has high aspirations for herself, which can be seen in her 4.0 GPA, active involvement in the Mississippi Association of Educators (MAE) and Teachers of Tomorrow programs, and her passion for service. Her “can do” attitude shines from her coursework to her extra efforts outside of the classroom. [Read More…]